REBELLION 2010 Singles Merch

Posted: August 4, 2010 in UK Decay Merchandise, UK Decay News
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REBELLION 2010 Singles Merch

Just a few days to go before Rebellion 2010! UK Decay
are onstage at 10pm on the Bizarre Bizarre stage with Pete

There will be a small quantity of new un-played Unexpected
Guest/Dresden 7″ vinyl available and also a limited amount
of the Black 45, ep available for sale. The band shall also be
bringing the For Madmen Only CD to the party.

There will also be a limited quantity of T shirts and Vests
available, although you will have to get to the stand early
if you would like to secure one.
We are hoping to open the stall from about 7pm onwards on
Saturday evening (Saturday only I am afraid)

Fingers crossed there may very well be something new from
the band on Saturday, I guess we shall just have to wait and

See you all there!!

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