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“Yeah Baby” by Julian Wolfendale

Yeah Baby.. A soundtrack to life by Julian Wolfendale

Yeah Baby.. A soundtrack to life by Julian Wolfendale. Check out Julians new site

“What happens when teenage rebellion runs out of steam and one day you wake up to find yourself someone else, up to your neck in drugs and guns. It began in 1981 with LU7 Punks. Leighton Buzzard. Safety pins and Stillettoes. Ended up in Andalucia with Corvettes and Brownings.
Accompanied by all the music of a life.”

‘Yeah Baby’is amust read for all those that grew up in the
hazy days of the early UK 1980’s post-punk scene and then progressed
on to the early UK free party-scene later in that decade. By the 1990’s
and into this century the story ends up via Holland and Goa, to the sleazy
Costa Del Sol and the Brit ex pat underworld.
Julian and his late friend were two such of life’s colourful adventurers;
the tale is woven with both fact and fiction in an invigorating stylish way.
One of the key linking features and one that will want to make one reach
for the old poppadom collection, is the way Julian recalls his experiences
with the soundtrack of the time.

Julian has now set up a new web page for the book, which is growing from strength to strength. There are some ace reviews and details where the book can be purchased. At the recent Glastonbury Festival the book was on sale at two of the main bookstalls. Julian writes an interesting blog on his visit to the festival which is on the new website.

Yeah Baby Website

According to Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson (The League of Gentlemen)
UK Decay’s ‘Werewolf’ is ‘Scun’

The Guardian Guide Magazine article on Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson's 'Scun'

The Guardian Guide Magazine article on Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson's 'Scun'

A couple of texts and a shout on the forum alerted the staff in a rather bleak Aldwyck Towers last week to the fact that there was mention in the Guardian Guide magazine of the UK Decay’s horror epic, Werewolf.
On further investigation and thanks everybody by the way, for the shout, we were able to ascertain that Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson from ‘The League of Gentlemen’ were talking about their new concept of ‘Scun’.

This is a play on words ‘scary, but fun’ = ‘Scun’!

On being asked to explain the new concept Andy told his experience of hearing the track ‘Werewolf’ for the first time when Jeremy insisted on playing it to him.

Apparently it brought him to tears, he was so scared. UK Decay had found a werewolf, provoked it and then recorded it……..Urban myth in the making? If only he knew the half of it!

Could there be any truth to the rumour the boys had fed the captured werewolf a crate of cheap baked beans before the recording session?

Anyway ‘Ghost Stories’ looks like a lot of fun for those ‘brave enough’ to check it out
Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson bring their stage show Ghost Stories to the London’s West End

Independent on Sunday 2005 article on scary sounds

Independent on Sunday 2005 article on scary sounds

Its not the first time the track ‘Werewolf’ has attracted the attention of the national press. Back in 2005 the ‘Independent on Sunday’ published an article written by Suzi Feay on the topic of Ghost stories and scary sounds.

Werewolf took the honour of ‘Scariest Sound ever’ in the writers opinion.
(we have a scan of the article here)

Further info on forum


Album available as download here

In September 2009 a casual conversation led to a bold attempt to bring
together some of the biggest names from the goth and dark alternative scenes to raise funds for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation

Sophie Lancaster was kicked to death in August 2007 simply because she looked different.
Since her tragic death the Foundation has worked hard to bring about change, through workshops in schools and a campaign for an amendment to the UK Hate Crime laws.

“Hope” has been put together with the sole intention of raising the
maximum amount of money possible, with 100% of the price paid going directly to the charity.

The CD features unreleased material and tracks written especially for the foundation.
Every track has been kindly donated free of charge by the artist and it has been released in conjunction with World Goth Day (May 22nd 2010)


Joolz – The Prophet of Calgary
Andi Sex Gang – Salamun Child
Autumn Cannibals – Monument to Shame *
Gene Loves Jezebel – Who Wants To Go To Heaven?
The Eden House – All My Love
Collide – Euphoria
Alien Sex Fiend – Gotta Have It (Sliced and Diced mix)
Andi Sex Gang & Marc Almond – The Hungry Years
UK Decay – Battle of the Elements (club mix) **
The Last Dance – Cages
Anne Marie Hurst – I Have Changed **
New Model Army – Dawn
The Mission – She’s Gone Away **
Uninvited Guest – Death of an Angel *
Faith and the Muse – To Be Continued

* = Tracks written especially for the campaign
** = Previously unreleased (at the time of this release)

Sophie Lancaster Foundation


Home Merchandise Store
“Official” UK Decay Merchandise Online sales now provided by Audiolife
“Authentic” UK Decay Merchandise Live Event and personal sales provided for by our original suppliers.

AUDIOLIFE UK DECAY STORE (“Official” UK Decay Merchandise)

  • Full colour prints on high quality American garments
  • New range of designs
  • Expedient delivery of order
  • Available on, T Shirts, Ladies Shirts, Longsleeve, Sleeveless, Hoodies etc.

The garment prints are fade resistant and machine washable, with
a fastness equal to or better than other print methods on 100% cotton

Competitive prices, T Shirts- £13.00 – £14.50, longsleeves £19.00,
Ladies £14.50 – £16.00

Most major cards accepted.

“Authentic” UK DECAY Live event product

We at UK Decay Communities have built up a reputation serving our community.
We have already serviced hundreds of happy satisfied customers with our products and pledge to continue to do so into the future.

Up until now, any small profits that have been made from the proceeds have been fed back into the day-to-day running of the website and to help the re-establishment of the band.

We would like to thank all of our previous customers for their patronage
and to offer our warmest welcome to any new customers. If you buy a UK Decay T Shirt or garment at a live event or in our online store, we see you all as members of our community; the Community of UK Decay!

Keeping it ‘Glocal’

About our “Authentic” screen printed garments

Screen printed garments against computer printed transfers and laser prints.

Currently all our “Authentic” live event shirts are still screen printed
by hand at a small plant in Luton. The screen printing method is an old tried and tested method that has withstood the test of time and works well.

However there are certain limitations; full colour is very difficult and
so too is fine textures. Each colour (including white) has to be ‘screened’
separately, using an exclusive master screen – made up uniquely for the colour.

If more than one colour is used the garment has to be ‘screened’ repeatedly for each colour, cleaning and changing the colour master screen on each pass.
In addition, the ink on the garments has to be dry before each ‘screening’, so you can see the labour process is very time consuming.

Most of our current designs have one or two ‘screenings’ ie Unexpected Guest has a Red screen and a white screen, For Madmen Only has a front white screen and a rear white screen.

Within the design itself, there are certain considerations to be taken into
account when producing a successful print. Generally, lines have to be sharp and bold, gradients don’t work very well. The way cotton takes up the ink makes it necessary to over saturate the colour area in order to realise the required effect – in other words think of it like as using a very high contrast on an image editing application or better still using vector type graphics.

So, photo type images usually do not work very well!

Another consideration in producing the master artwork for a two or more colour design is that each colour used requires a separate but synchronised master screen; therefore needing a separate master artwork.

"Class of 1979 - 1989 Reunion III"

As an example, on the For My Country design there are two
colours, white and orange. The orange bleeds into the white background on a black material. Getting the orange sky with the clouds and texture to look right, was a difficult process. The original for My Country single cover was used as a base, the image then manipulated into two separate images, one containing everything that will end up white and the other containing everything that will end up orange.(No need for black as it is on a black backdrop) Keeping the sizes and positions synchronised is all important as any mistakes made here will end up several processes down the line and be expensive in time and money to put right.

To make matters even more confusing, the plant requires each colour master to be black, ie the master for the orange in the sky on the For My Country design ends up black on a white background and even worse so does the white, so the artwork has to be created inversely for a black back drop! There are clear areas for mistakes and often tweeks are necessary after a test screening, often leading to a readjustment of the artwork.

So why not use PC transfers that don’t have these issues and can easily print in full colour?

Computers are the way of the world and in many ways get better at doing things all the time, however when it comes to durability and quality, at this time we think all the problems of screen printing still seem worthwhile. The advantages of screen printing verses PC print can be summed up with those two words, durability and quality!

We are not ruling out digitally printed garments for the future, when and
if that happens we will make the production method clear on the designs inour shop.

Changes to the way we sell our merchandise

In April 2010 we rolled out a new online T Shirt Store which is powered by a new online service called Audiolife. We feel the service has certain advantages over our current methods of selling merchandise, particularly our online and international sales.

The advantages are firstly that they are a print on demand, which means they only print the garment when a customer orders. Secondly that they can print up to full colour (most UK Decay designs are white on black admittedly but hey we do have some with colour)

Thirdly, Audiolife fulfill the entire order and ship the product to almost
anywhere in the world. Finally they have a fine range of quality cotton American T shirts, Ladies trim-fit, tanktops, longsleeved, hoodies to choose from.

But what about digital printed quality (as mentioned earlier) and shipping costs?

The test purchase we made looks and feels awesome! It arrived
in the post two week after ordering. Considering Audiolife are a US company based in California, that’s not bad considering it was shipped from there to my home in the UK. The postage for the T Shirt came to $6.50 (£4.30). So, with the £13.00 for a print on the ‘Hanes’ model, the total cost to buy my shirt and get it posted to me was £17.20. Although perhaps a couple quid more than what we buy our screen-printed garments for, we think it’s still a great deal. Especially, considering the high-quality of the shirt and the print!

Here’s what Audiolife say about the printing method,

“We use a new digital technology that chemically bonds ink to cotton molecules, resulting in brilliant colors and sharp photographic quality with no overprint around the edges. The image is soft, breathable, vibrant and durable – nothing like the stiff “decal” feel that results from heat-transfer or screen print methods. Images are fade resistant and machine washable, with a fastness equal to or better than other print methods on 100% cotton.”

For us Audiolife saves us time, in developing and creating web stores, fulfilling orders, ordering and storing stock. We are still making a small profit on garments sold on Audiolife, which again will help towards sustaining some of the band and websites running costs. We can hopefully spend the time saved, by getting creative.

All this means that we can increase our range of online designs, three new designs are already available and there will be more as time goes by.

But what about our traditional ‘Authentic’ screen-printed shirts?

Our new online store will take care of sales online and worldwide (It will be easier to obtain our products, for some customers in other areas of the globe!)

However, many of our garments are still sold ‘one to one’ at our shows. It’s this ‘personal’ level that is still so important to us and many that have purchased our shirts in the past.

The screen printed shirts have a ‘warm’, ‘organic’ look and feel. Its sometimes the slight imperfections that make something individualistic
as an object with identity, feel and uniqueness, in one word ‘special’!

So for live shows we shall continue to use our current suppliers.

They will continue with the familiar range and occasionally may supplement with a ‘tour-special’ etc. Stock produced for UK Decay’s live
events that remain unsold will be made available on request from the website.


In order to distinguish between the two different suppliers, we shall call our Audiolife garments “Official” UK Decay Merchandise (As they are an international establishment)

Our traditional supplied garments we shall call “Authentic” UK Decay Merchandise


Unexpected Guest T Shirt. Click here for more details and to purchase.


Brands: “Authentic” and “Official”

UK Decay Merchandise available on our Audiolife store

“Authentic” UK Decay Merchandise sometimes available at live events and by request

As worn by ‘Rodney’ in ‘Only Fools and Horses’. The Classic ‘Unexpected Guest’
T Shirt was produced at the time of the “Unexpected Guest” “Dresden”
single, released in 1980.

For Madmen Only T Shirt. Click here for more details and to purchase.


Brands: “Authentic” and “Official”

“Official” UK Decay Merchandise available on our Audiolife store

“Authentic” UK Decay Merchandise usually available at live events and by request

One of the most popular of the UK Decay designs. The Classic ‘For Madmen
Only’ T Shirt was produced at the time of the “For Madmen Only”, album released in 1981.

For My Country T Shirt. Click here for more details and to purchase.


Brands: “Authentic” and “Official”

“Official” UK Decay Merchandise available on our Audiolife store

“Authentic” UK Decay Merchandise usually available
at live events and by request

The Classic ‘For My Country – Unwind’ design that was sold extensively during the UK Decay -Dead Kennedys tour of 1980. Brought out to coincide with the single release.

I Met Murder T Shirt. Click here for more details and to purchase.


Brands: “Authentic” and “Official” (coming soon)

“Official” UK Decay Merchandise available on our Audiolife store

“Authentic” UK Decay Merchandise sometimes available
at live events and by request

“I Met muder on the way, he wore a mask like today..” The imortal
line from the title track of ‘For Madmen Only’. This new design is a motif
featuring a close-up of the For Madmen Only front cover familiar to Myspace users as the UK Decay calling card.

UK DK Com Class Reunion  T Shirt. Click here for more details and to purchase.

UK Decay Communities Class Reunion (special)

Brands: “Authentic” and “Official”

“Official” UK Decay Merchandise available on our Audiolife store

“Authentic” UK Decay Merchandise sometimes available
at live events and by request

“Class of 1979 – 1989 Reunion III”

The UK Decay Communities Reunion III special.

Dotties brash ‘Mohawk Skull’ motif that has become an icon for the Community of UK Decay.

Unexpected Guest Cover Ladies ‘Bella’ *NEW

Brands “Official”

“Unexpected Guest single cover”

“Official” UK Decay Merchandise available on our Audiolife store

A popular bootleg this one, in differing colour combinations. Now for the
first time presented as an “Official” UK Decay garment.

For Madmen Only 2009 ‘Hanes’ *NEW DESIGN*

Brands: “Official”

“For Madmen 2009 CD ”

“Official” UK Decay Merchandise available on our Audiolife store

A tapered down version of the iconographic album cover, designed to fit the bodies natural ‘T’ shape.

Sexual Twist Long-sleeve 2010 *NEW DESIGN*

Brands: “Official”

” Sexual/ Twist 2010 ”

“Official” UK Decay Merchandise available on our Audiolife store

Another first, there was no official T Shirt back in the day featuring the1981 “Sexual/Twist” single.

UK Decay Biog 1982 ‘Bella’ Ladies *NEW

Brands: “Official”

” UK Decay Biog photo1982″

“Official” UK Decay Merchandise available on our Audiolife store

One of UK Decays most widely used press shots with the original line-up of 1982.

Italia 2009 Special *TOUR SPECIAL*

Brands: “Authentic” and “Official”

” Italia 2009 Special”

“Official” UK Decay Merchandise available on our Audiolife store

Produced specially for the Italian tour of 2009, originating from the “Dresden” single cover.

For My Country 2010 Ladies ‘Gildan’ * NEW

Brands: “Official”

” For My Country 2010″

“Official” UK Decay Merchandise available on our Audiolife store

A 2010 update to the classic original 1980 ‘For My Country’ single design

Most of our “Official” designs for sale in our Audiolife
store will be available on a variety of different garments including ‘Hanes’, ‘Gildan’ and ‘American’ T Shirts. Ladies garments also include ‘Hanes’, ‘Gildan’ and ‘American’, V Necks, Tanktops and Ladies Shirts. There are also Long sleeve Shirts, Hoodies and Totebags available with our designs.

Some of our designs are inappropriate for some of the available  garments, so you won’t necessarily find every design on every garment that is available.

Rear prints.

Most of the above designs are ‘front print only’

Rear prints that are additional to front prints (double printed) work out
more expensive, whether screen-printed or digitally printed. We feel that
at the current time, Audiolife’s additional charge for the rear print, makes for an unreasonably high selling cost to the customer. However, we may make the odd exception, with one or two garments, particularly Hoodies. At the end of the day, we feel the customer can accept or refuse the option. Because the garment is only produced if there is an order, no-one is loosing anything!
But please be aware that any double printed garments, will be more expensive.

Home Merchandise Top Store

We have the first copy back from the press, this is a photo-composite
of the covers.

Watch this space!
😈 😈


Further Info at

Drop Dead Magazine: issue 2 Feat. UK Decay!

Deathrock Punk Goth Psychobilly Wave

Drop Dead Magazine Issue 2 summer 2006

“A great new magazine to fill the void that New Grave left (and
then some). Deathrock, Goth, Psychobilly, Gothabilly and Post-Punk – you’ll find it all
in Drop Dead Magazine, which is put out by the same people who bring us
the phenomenal Drop Dead Festival.”

Issue 2 of Polina Y’s visually stunning, USA based Drop Dead Magazine
is now available from vendors across North America. This edition contains a 6-page
feature on UK Decay, with Lakina coaxing out of Steve Spon some very
dark and colourful memories from the age of Decay!
Also featured are interviews with Andi Sex Gang (by Greg Fasolino), Lena
Lovich, SIIIII, Black Ice, Vox Ab Nihil, Deadbolt, Psychcharger,
and a look at the
Cemeteries of Prague.
The magazine also contains reviews of clubs, festivals, new and old school releases,
DIY, artwork and fashion, Music business help for artists and a lot more goodies!
This really is a ‘hardware’ magazine which reminds very much of the now defunct UK
‘Zig-Zag’ magazine. Full colour and gloss paper it is a lovingly crafted publication for
the ‘now’ generation, it even has a fascinating article about stencilling, dyeing;
customising ones clothes; “For the less you spend on clothes,
the more you’ll have for records and gigs”

Fantastic stuff, but for the UK public, I guess if you are after a copy you will have
to think, mail order or import it from the European distributor in Germany.
More details can be found on the magazine website
Drop Dead
or at their Myspace Site..
Drop Dead Magazine at Myspace


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