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“Yeah Baby” by Julian Wolfendale

Yeah Baby.. A soundtrack to life by Julian Wolfendale

Yeah Baby.. A soundtrack to life by Julian Wolfendale. Check out Julians new site

“What happens when teenage rebellion runs out of steam and one day you wake up to find yourself someone else, up to your neck in drugs and guns. It began in 1981 with LU7 Punks. Leighton Buzzard. Safety pins and Stillettoes. Ended up in Andalucia with Corvettes and Brownings.
Accompanied by all the music of a life.”

‘Yeah Baby’is amust read for all those that grew up in the
hazy days of the early UK 1980’s post-punk scene and then progressed
on to the early UK free party-scene later in that decade. By the 1990’s
and into this century the story ends up via Holland and Goa, to the sleazy
Costa Del Sol and the Brit ex pat underworld.
Julian and his late friend were two such of life’s colourful adventurers;
the tale is woven with both fact and fiction in an invigorating stylish way.
One of the key linking features and one that will want to make one reach
for the old poppadom collection, is the way Julian recalls his experiences
with the soundtrack of the time.

Julian has now set up a new web page for the book, which is growing from strength to strength. There are some ace reviews and details where the book can be purchased. At the recent Glastonbury Festival the book was on sale at two of the main bookstalls. Julian writes an interesting blog on his visit to the festival which is on the new website.

Yeah Baby Website

According to Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson (The League of Gentlemen)
UK Decay’s ‘Werewolf’ is ‘Scun’

The Guardian Guide Magazine article on Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson's 'Scun'

The Guardian Guide Magazine article on Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson's 'Scun'

A couple of texts and a shout on the forum alerted the staff in a rather bleak Aldwyck Towers last week to the fact that there was mention in the Guardian Guide magazine of the UK Decay’s horror epic, Werewolf.
On further investigation and thanks everybody by the way, for the shout, we were able to ascertain that Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson from ‘The League of Gentlemen’ were talking about their new concept of ‘Scun’.

This is a play on words ‘scary, but fun’ = ‘Scun’!

On being asked to explain the new concept Andy told his experience of hearing the track ‘Werewolf’ for the first time when Jeremy insisted on playing it to him.

Apparently it brought him to tears, he was so scared. UK Decay had found a werewolf, provoked it and then recorded it……..Urban myth in the making? If only he knew the half of it!

Could there be any truth to the rumour the boys had fed the captured werewolf a crate of cheap baked beans before the recording session?

Anyway ‘Ghost Stories’ looks like a lot of fun for those ‘brave enough’ to check it out
Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson bring their stage show Ghost Stories to the London’s West End

Independent on Sunday 2005 article on scary sounds

Independent on Sunday 2005 article on scary sounds

Its not the first time the track ‘Werewolf’ has attracted the attention of the national press. Back in 2005 the ‘Independent on Sunday’ published an article written by Suzi Feay on the topic of Ghost stories and scary sounds.

Werewolf took the honour of ‘Scariest Sound ever’ in the writers opinion.
(we have a scan of the article here)

Further info on forum

Reviews and pictures of UK Decay in Germany April 2010

Visit Germany 2010 Gallery

A review about our gig in Hamburg is online now: (In German of course!)
And you’ll find some pictures in our gallery, too:

Another review in english..


A few pics are included in a Romanian online art gallery…

Cyberpagan’s collection

You can find our collection in a new gallery….


Online magazine (Flash)

Great review of UK Decay gig in Berlin by Mark Splatter (in English)

or PDF version here

A big thanks to everyone who has submitted pics so far…

If you would like to submit any pics of our German tour then
please send them to
ukdkcom AT



UK Decay: Recent live gigs, reports, videos, pics..
Below is chronological index of the recent UK Decay performances
(latest at the top) Also included at the bottom is the UK Decay Community
Class Reunion events.
Included are cross links to the important and relevant forum and picture
gallery articles for each of the shows…
One place to find all the latest pictures and reports!


UK Decay at Rebellion 2009. Blackpool Winter Gardens. Sunday August 9th, 2009
UK Decay @ Rebellion 2009 pics and reports
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay debut at the UK’s and probably the Worlds largest Punk Music
Publicity, Reports & Reviews
UK Decay @ Rebellion 2009 Picture Gallery

UK Decay @ Rebellion 2009 Picture Gallery

UK Decay live at Wave Gotik Treffen Festival 2009, Leipzig Germany, Monday June 1st 2009
DK @ Wave Gotik Treffen Festival. Pictures and Feedback
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay’s first Show in Germany for 26 years and their debut at the
world famous WGT festival in Leipzig
Publicity, Reports & Reviews
Wave Gotik Treffen 2009 Picture Gallery

Wave Gotik Treffen 2009 Picture Gallery

UK Decay spring 2009 Italian tour (Milan 30th April, Bologna 1st May & Rome 2nd May)
UK Decay to play Italy
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay’s first time ever in Italy
Publicity, Reports & Reviews
Italy Spring Tour 2009 Picture Gallery

Italy Spring Tour 2009 Picture Gallery


UK Decay live at Drop Dead Festival VI, Lisbon. Portugal. Sunday October 12th 2008

“UK Decay @ Drop Dead Festival VI, Lisbon. Review, pics, Video, etc.”
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay’s first show outside the UK for 26 years and their first show
ever in Portugal
Publicity Report and Reviews
Drop Dead VI Oct 2008 Picture Gallery

Drop Dead VI Oct 2008 Picture Gallery

DDF Live Ukdk video stills and Spon’s Perspective

Spon’s Perspective Review


The Class-Reunion party’s were hosted by the UK Decay Community
website. To date there have been 3 events:- UK Decay performed
one song For My Country, at the second reunion in 2007 and went on to
play a thirty minute set at the third reunion in June 2008.

Class of 1979 – 1989 Reunion III, Sub Club June 7th 2008
author: W.W. EVENTS forum
UK Decay with Abbo, Spon, Ed Branch and Ray Phillpott, played their
first proper show in 26 years
Publicity and report I
Reviews and Report II
UK Decay Class Reunion 3 – Reviews, video & pics.
author: Coven. NEWS forum
Report III

Click here to visit gallery

Reunion III
Saturday 7th June 2008
UBSU Sub Club
Luton, UK
picture gallery here


Class of 1979 – 1989 Reunion II ::January 27th, 2007
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay with Abbo, Spon, Martyn Smith and Ray Philpott, performed
one song at this event.
Report & review

Class of 1979-1980 Reunion II

Saturday 27th January 2007
At the Hat Factory, Luton, Uk
Reunion II picture gallery here


Class of 1978-1988 Reunion I : December 22nd 2005
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay did not perform at this show!

Class of 1979-1980 Reunion I

Thursday 22nd December 2005
At the Cork and Bull, Luton, UK
Reunion I picture Gallery here

A staggering amount of videos of recent shows can be found here


Drop Dead Magazine: issue 2 Feat. UK Decay!

Deathrock Punk Goth Psychobilly Wave

Drop Dead Magazine Issue 2 summer 2006

“A great new magazine to fill the void that New Grave left (and
then some). Deathrock, Goth, Psychobilly, Gothabilly and Post-Punk – you’ll find it all
in Drop Dead Magazine, which is put out by the same people who bring us
the phenomenal Drop Dead Festival.”

Issue 2 of Polina Y’s visually stunning, USA based Drop Dead Magazine
is now available from vendors across North America. This edition contains a 6-page
feature on UK Decay, with Lakina coaxing out of Steve Spon some very
dark and colourful memories from the age of Decay!
Also featured are interviews with Andi Sex Gang (by Greg Fasolino), Lena
Lovich, SIIIII, Black Ice, Vox Ab Nihil, Deadbolt, Psychcharger,
and a look at the
Cemeteries of Prague.
The magazine also contains reviews of clubs, festivals, new and old school releases,
DIY, artwork and fashion, Music business help for artists and a lot more goodies!
This really is a ‘hardware’ magazine which reminds very much of the now defunct UK
‘Zig-Zag’ magazine. Full colour and gloss paper it is a lovingly crafted publication for
the ‘now’ generation, it even has a fascinating article about stencilling, dyeing;
customising ones clothes; “For the less you spend on clothes,
the more you’ll have for records and gigs”

Fantastic stuff, but for the UK public, I guess if you are after a copy you will have
to think, mail order or import it from the European distributor in Germany.
More details can be found on the magazine website
Drop Dead
or at their Myspace Site..
Drop Dead Magazine at Myspace


Edited Sat Nov 11, 2006
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