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Another Uk Decay live tape has surfaced: Preston warehouse early 1981

Paul B. (from Manchestre, UK)  recently kindly sent in a CD of a Preston
 Wharehouse UK Decay gig dated early 1981 (Nice one palu B!) a rare
 live concert  featuring Lol turvey on Bass guitar.
At the current time Frank has the CD repotoire and is reviewing its content
but off the top of my head & a hunch this is another version of the same
tape that ‘circulated’ earlier and we have got another version of .
This CD rendition although plays a little fast and clips has got a nice ‘feel’
about it and presents a rare version of the ‘Decay’, ‘Interim period’
See here for further details

‘Lol’ Turvey..UK Decay line-up early 1981

Featuring ‘Lol Turvey’ on Bass this performance is reasonably tight and
crisp…one of the better live performances of the period, taken I think from
 the mixing desk.

Paul B. has re-titled ‘Portrait’‘Black out’ (an easy mistake if you
remember we named it ‘Black art’ at one time!)
But for a period this track was ‘medleyed’ with ‘The Black Cat’ from the
‘Black 45’ EP. So this shows that at least this tune transended the demise
of Martin Segovia Smith, although it is doubtfull that it went much further
than that.

Another point to remember is that following ‘Lol’s’ departure, UK DK
left for the US tour and were faced with a gruelling 3 week, 18 date tour
of the west coast with a brand new bassist. Within ten days of
returning to the UK, with Creeton– the US bassist the band embarked on
their first major UK tour. (with Play Dead and The Dark supporting)
This was the tour that included such memorable events as the Bedford
and Middlesboro riot’s These events are remembered because thats how
memories work! but this tour actually layed down the foundations for
what was to become.
Eventually Creeton returned to the US (& Social Unrest) and Dk were
again without a bassist for a period before finally, Ed ‘Twiggy’ Branch
joined the line-up. By then the band were admidst great pressure to
finish the recording of the FMMO album. For some reason I guess at that
time in the pressure’s of recording commitments and gigs that these
tunes simply got ‘overlooked’ (& maybe forgotton!) in the rush to get the
album out.

‘The Man with the Glass Hand’, is a point in question here, a very rare
track that completely fell by the wayside on the departure of Segovia.

My theory is that these were new songs that were being worked on at
the time leading up to the end of the early ‘Classic UK Decay line up’.
Because the pressure’s of live gigs & recording the album the band simply
had to prioritise their workload. Spon admitted that he had totally
forgotton about these songs untill he heard them recently!

Death So Fatal
is a project concieved to collect up the best possible
recordings of some of these lost and forgotton ‘UK/DK’ tracks.
This is work in progress and will hopefully see the ‘light of day’
later in the year.
More news to follow

note: There are now aproximately 20 of UK Decay’s live shows from
around 25 years ago that are now digitized. our US friends..
None of the above mentioned UK Decay live shows are from the USA!
the band toured the west coast playing with amongst others, the Dead
 Kennedy’s, Social Unrest
and other ‘Surf-Punk’ and ‘Hardcore’ bands
such as maybe The Circle Jerks?? etc etc ..
 DOES ANYONE HAVE any Live RECORDINGS of UK DECAY in the USA?? or photo’s??
If you can help please email….

Thank you!
 W. W.
 For further information please visit the UK Decay Communities website

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Vandalism begins @ home
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 The Spirit of DIY continues today in Luton!
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Ian Lee delves into his meticulous memories and photo archives to bring us tales of chance
meetings with the famous. Ian also re tells the legends of the Forgotten Bands from Leighton
This Issue hosts a 25-page Fanzine special. Featuring a review of Punk/DIY culture from the
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Mick Mercers Review

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Copied from Mick Mercer’s ‘Live Journal’  Jan 2nd 2005


Pity the poor Goths who never saw UK Decay, or experienced the kind of days which may never come again, where, with a fully functioning music media, Goth started and grew effectively in the UK because small amounts of coverage were enough to get a hard working band sufficient exposure to spread their name throughout the country. If their records were any good they could be playing to thousands within months. Word-of-mouth was like a plague back then. Bands who ventured abroad spread their reputation further, and assumed a larger form onstage, as confidence inflated their imagination. While nobody was bigger than Adam & The Ants in the underground channels, UK Decay were one of the biggest bands behind them. If they had mainly concentrated on the UK they would eventually have got onto a bigger label, as they were quite capable of headlining the largest venues.

That’s the nostalgia over with, as we start a New Year, knowing full well the possibilities/limitations our bands face these days, but I started that way because someone raised an interesting point with me recently, asking who was the most important band – Bauhaus or UK Decay? The answer was the latter, in every way imaginable. Bauhaus were simply an excellent band who had the music but needed to wait to discover an image, then went their own way. UK Decay had the sound, didn’t give a toss about image, and had the Punk ethos, so they helped bands along the way, understanding the communal aspect. (Prime beneficiary of their support, for instance, was Sex Gang Children, but many benefited.) UK decay were cool, as well as responsible.

You know, there never was a more tumultuous band as UK Decay in full flight either. This CD finds them at a time when Eddie Branch’s bass and Steve Harle’s drums together would blow away any Goth band on the planet today, and with Spon’s guitar guile, their style was like an angry fountain. Songs which grew and developed in ugly, violent environments (they hardly ever had time to rehearse!), these are also celebratory items, which the crowd love. ‘Unwind’ twists handily into the exuberantly scummy ‘Werewolf’, and ‘Dresden’ is on fire (oops!), while ‘Barbarian’ and ‘Barbarians’ are dollops of ratty noise, the latter made skittishly acceptable by Harle’s flashing finesse. ‘Sexual’ still shivers in a masterful way, with a grizzly bass/drum rope ladder across which Abbo plunges and bucks, as guitar arrows fly in all directions, and ‘Stagestruck’ is a slinky bass-boosted bastard, with a hearty, howling punch.

‘Rising From The Dread’ is a lolloping spree of rusty sparks, ‘Twist In The Tale’ cavorts with wordy jousting and ‘Unexpected Guest’ has one of the greatest bass openings ever, out of which the rest crawl into a punishing roaring, semi-commercial style, where the macabre intensity festers beautifully. ‘Testament’ is as mesmerising now as it was then, with gaseous guitar drifting over rhythmic barbed wire, on which Abbo is caught, roaring happily. Then they flip backwards and give us the early ‘Black Cat’, charming by comparison, before they pound to a finish in Hammersmith with the brittle ‘UK Decay’, a Pistolian ‘For My Country’ and another ‘Unwind.’ The bonus tracks included then come from St. Albans, four months earlier. These are more faded in quality but include a blunt ‘Duel’, frantic ‘Jerusalem’, jerking ‘Mayday Malady’ and a rumbling ‘Stagestruck.’

UK Decay split up far too soon, when Abbo went off to form the thunderously dull Furyo, and with no CD reissues, due to difficulties between the band and Southern Studios agreeing on what to do, their reputation has dwindled disappointingly. Many people just don’t appreciate the essential part they played in Goth’s birth, or how fantastic they sound. Now Spon has at least got everyone to agree this can come out maybe things will change and their roles as Dark Midwives will be recognised, as well as the quality of their songs. I have no idea as to what difference the re-mastering’ element makes, but the Klub Foot material is superb, while still not as exciting as they could be! Other releases should soon follow, including their sole ‘For Madmen Only’ album.

The single most important band in the initial Goth phase, these are your spiritual forefathers and, for once, respect is due.
(This limited edition version is only available to registered members of this site. Go into the forums for details. No set date has reached my ears for a normal release. I’ll let you know when I hear.)
Copied from Mick Mercer’s ‘Live Journal’  Jan 2nd 2005

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is yet to come.”The whole gig’s here and apart from the disorientating
effect that onstage echo has on my tape recorder, it’s a pristine
sound. Nice clear vocals, deep twangy bass, striking drumming and
flowery, expressive guitar; the Decay hallmarks.”

Melody Maker 1983

“Once upon a time there was a band called UK Decay, and if it wasn’t for them most of you young Gothlings would have nothing to listen to. It really is that simple, because they bridged the Punk to Goth era in a helpful, motivating, inspirational manner. For more than twenty years their records have been collectors items among people of taste, but nothing has been re-released on CD. This changes next year, but for now, for anyone registered on there is a chance to get a limited edition re-release of ‘Night For Celebration’, the recording of their final gig at the Clarendon Ballroom. Just thought you might like to know.”

Mick Mercer December 2004

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Newsletter One, November 2004
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UK Decay tribute to the late
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Ian Lees’s
LU7 Perspective
Damaged Goods
A short extract from a book by Julian
NME goes Goth… Scary! The
New Musical Express attempts to ‘rewrite
Goth history’ A view by ‘Paul Rab
The Captain’s Tales pt1
Question: “So what was it like going
on tour with UKDK”?
There are cartoons and rare photos and insights into the crazy world of life on the road with UK Decay!
© UK Decay Communities 2004

John Peel

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John Peel the veteran BBC broadcaster, has died at the age of 65,
whilst on holiday in Peru.

It cant be estimated the loss to the British and world music scene
John Peel had worked on Radio 1 for nearly 40 years, before that
it was the Pirates!

“This trully is the end of an era- an absolute tragic loss
I am absolutely gutted” steve spon


presented by UK Decay Communities