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“Yeah Baby” by Julian Wolfendale

Yeah Baby.. A soundtrack to life by Julian Wolfendale

Yeah Baby.. A soundtrack to life by Julian Wolfendale. Check out Julians new site

“What happens when teenage rebellion runs out of steam and one day you wake up to find yourself someone else, up to your neck in drugs and guns. It began in 1981 with LU7 Punks. Leighton Buzzard. Safety pins and Stillettoes. Ended up in Andalucia with Corvettes and Brownings.
Accompanied by all the music of a life.”

‘Yeah Baby’is amust read for all those that grew up in the
hazy days of the early UK 1980’s post-punk scene and then progressed
on to the early UK free party-scene later in that decade. By the 1990’s
and into this century the story ends up via Holland and Goa, to the sleazy
Costa Del Sol and the Brit ex pat underworld.
Julian and his late friend were two such of life’s colourful adventurers;
the tale is woven with both fact and fiction in an invigorating stylish way.
One of the key linking features and one that will want to make one reach
for the old poppadom collection, is the way Julian recalls his experiences
with the soundtrack of the time.

Julian has now set up a new web page for the book, which is growing from strength to strength. There are some ace reviews and details where the book can be purchased. At the recent Glastonbury Festival the book was on sale at two of the main bookstalls. Julian writes an interesting blog on his visit to the festival which is on the new website.

Yeah Baby Website