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Reviews and pictures of UK Decay in Germany April 2010

Visit Germany 2010 Gallery

A review about our gig in Hamburg is online now: (In German of course!)
And you’ll find some pictures in our gallery, too:

Another review in english..


A few pics are included in a Romanian online art gallery…

Cyberpagan’s collection

You can find our collection in a new gallery….


Online magazine (Flash)

Great review of UK Decay gig in Berlin by Mark Splatter (in English)

or PDF version here

A big thanks to everyone who has submitted pics so far…

If you would like to submit any pics of our German tour then
please send them to
ukdkcom AT




Further Info at

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hi there
Been doing a lot of work ‘offline’ on the presentation of the forthcomming ‘Suss’ fanzine.
To start we are putting ‘The Suss’ issue 3 online. We are hoping because the issues we scanned are over 20 years old and the source magazine ( like all of the early issues ) was photocopied, therefore there has been a certain amount of deteriation in the picture clarity. Also most of the ‘original artwork’ was put together in an age that didnt have the benefits of the PC!
So hmm…what we decided to do was to place an online image of each page of each issue with clickable links to text versions of the various articles! This is quite a task! That is why we are going to concentrate on one issue to start with. (issue 3 )
As far as i know this will be a unique event online! if anyone knows of any other examples of ‘period online fanzines’ please let us know! Twisted Evil
Anyway if we can get ‘Textbridge’ to work, or employ a typist soon then this first issue should be ‘up and running’ within a week or two!
Watch this space! Twisted Evil
Twisted Evil