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UK Decay are to return to Lisbon for Portugal’s largest festival of Gothic Rock,
Deathrock, Electro-Punk, Post-Punk, Industrial, Synth and Batcave bands
since, the Drop Dead Festival back in 2008.

The three day festival runs on Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August,
UK Decay are headlining on Sunday 28th. In the UK, this is the traditional
August Bank Holiday weekend.

Organized by the highly successful Pray Silence Productions, Pray Silence Festival
celebrates dark, alternative music and alternative lifestyles in general.
The line-up will include some of the best Gothic Rock, Deathrock, Electro-Punk,
Post-Punk, Industrial, Synth and Batcave bands in the planet.

Worldwide renowned DJs will allow continuous celebration with special parties
until dawn, including a fetish party with fantastic performers from all over the world…>>more>>

UK Decay live @ Rebellion 2010 Some videos and Photos

UK Decay return from another great show at the Rebellion Festival in
Here are some videos and photo’s of Decay’s performance, kindly
submitted by members of the community.

A big thanks to everybody who helped make it a great show, most of all
of course, you the audience!


Four songs from UK Decay’s set at Rebellion this year, 7 August 2010
For Madmen Only, Duel, Mayday Malady and For My Country


New Song-(Scandalise my name) + Sexual, Rebellion Festival, Blackpool, 2010


DUEL – Blackpool Rebellion Festival UK August 2010


For My Country Rebellion 2010


NICK-THE-POET makes an unscheduled but plucky performance!







REBELLION 2010 Singles Merch

Just a few days to go before Rebellion 2010! UK Decay
are onstage at 10pm on the Bizarre Bizarre stage with Pete

There will be a small quantity of new un-played Unexpected
Guest/Dresden 7″ vinyl available and also a limited amount
of the Black 45, ep available for sale. The band shall also be
bringing the For Madmen Only CD to the party.

There will also be a limited quantity of T shirts and Vests
available, although you will have to get to the stand early
if you would like to secure one.
We are hoping to open the stall from about 7pm onwards on
Saturday evening (Saturday only I am afraid)

Fingers crossed there may very well be something new from
the band on Saturday, I guess we shall just have to wait and

See you all there!!

UK Decay to headline Pray Silence, Sunday 28th August 2011

UK Decay are to return to Lisbon for Portugal’s largest festival of Gothic Rock, Deathrock, Electro-Punk, Post-Punk, Industrial, Synth and Batcave bands since, the Drop Dead Festival back in 2008.

The three day festival runs on Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August, UK Decay are headlining on Sunday 28th. In the UK, this is the traditional August Bank Holiday weekend.

Organized by the highly successful Pray Silence Productions, Pray Silence Festival celebrates dark, alternative music and alternative lifestyles in general.
The line-up will include some of the best Gothic Rock, Deathrock, Electro-Punk, Post-Punk, Industrial, Synth and Batcave bands in the planet.

Worldwide renowned DJs will allow continuous celebration with special parties until dawn, including a fetish party with fantastic performers from all over the world.

Although with over a year to go before the festival, UK Decay are delighted to be returning to Portugal and performing amongst such a rich line-up of bands and DJ’s.

Bands so far confirmed at Pray silence 2011Other acts so far confirmed for the festival are.

* Kommunity FK (usa)
* Clan of Xymox (de)
* The Eden House (uk)
* Diary of Dreams (de)
* Deviant UK (uk)
* In the Nursery (uk)
* Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (se)
* Nosferatu (uk)
* Inkubus Sukkubus (uk)
* Attrition (uk)
* Two Witches (fi)
* Psyche (de)
* Sinmasters (fi)
* Midnight Configuration (uk)
* Ankst (sa)
* Rhombus (uk)
* Pretentious, Moi? (uk)
* MethodCell (uk)
* The Realm (uk)
* Inertia (uk)
* The Last Cry (uk)
* The Last Dance (usa)
* Phantom Vision (pt)
* Grooving in Green (uk)
* Sapphire Solace (uk/usa)
* Vendemmian (uk)

With more bands to be confirmed


* Dr. Manhattan (pt)
* Martin OldGoth (uk)
* KittyLectro (usa)
* Jyrki Witch (fi)
* Zynthexia (fi)
* Mel Soulscape (usa)
* Jon TheGoth (uk)
* Yggdrasil (pt)
* Reza (uk)
* Elektrobunny (uk)
* Ad Infinitum (pt)
* Psycho Mantis (pt)

More DJ’s to be announced soon.



UK Decay to headline the Drop Dead Festival !

UK Decay will be headlining this year’s Drop Dead Festival
on Saturday October 11, 2008 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Following on from the success of UKDK3 the band is now rehearsing a
longer set that will encompass more of its back catalogue and new material.

‘We’re hoping that people will be able to get over to see us – especially
as we’ve a surprise planned – if we can pull it off,’ said a cryptic Steve
Spon. ‘It was great to see so many old faces enjoying themselves at the
SubClub show, and if you can get over to Lisbon then we can promise an
even better time.’

The Drop Dead Festival will feature over 50 bands and DJs and will be
held over five days from 8 October 2008 to 12 October 2008.
night kicks off with a massive beach party and the actual festival is held
is held at various venues around the city’s historic centre.
Tickets cost 65 Euros for the entire five days, which translates to around
£50. The event is in its sixth year and describes itself as Europe’s biggest
gothic festival, attracting thousands of fans from across the world.

‘We’re going to be there for the whole weekend as we’ve also been asked
to do a Q&A session,’ said Spon. ‘It’ll be like Question Time, except with

Further details about the festival can be found at
Tickets at 65 EU (about £50.00) can be purchased here

Bands so far comfirmed

UK Decay – UK, London Exclusive

The men who started it all! This legendary band is responsible for creating
what became Gothic Punk (and the inspiration for the NY Decay name!)
and now they’re bringing their testament to Drop Dead IV. Not to be
missed exclusive reunion show with original members!

Theatre of Hate

Cinema Strange

Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons
– Sweden Exclusive

Fans of art music, rejoice! This legendary experimental synthesizer art
punk band from Sweden are doing an exclusive reunion for the Drop
Dead Festival. Featuring all-original members! A dream come true for any
one who knows their music!

Charles De Goal – France

Leading cold wave band from France Charles De Goal have been making
great guitar driven wave for almost 20 years. A huge hit at Drop Dead
Festival 5, they were instantly invited to come back this year!

Madre del Vizio -Germany /Showcase

Classic German gothic band with really large following in Spain , Italy and
Portugal. much antisapaited by fans of a more gothic sound, Madre del
Visio will be bringing a more dark feeling to the Drop Dead Festival. This
will be an exclusive showcase for the Madre del Vizio.

Die Perlen – Germany

A fresh face in the electronic scene, these guys combine the quirkiness of
NDW with sometimes minimal electronics, infectious female vocals and
strong dance floor appeal for deathrockers, punks and electro heads
alike. Sure to get the dance floor in a frenzy!

Sixteens – USA, CA

Back again by popular demand, this Death Disco duo bring the Gold wave
hard, making menacing beats for glitter trash monsters.

Les Baton Rouge – Portugal

This legendary Portuguese band hit Drop Dead with an explosive mix of
energetic and passionate music influenced by ’77 punk, 80’s New Wave
and the Riot Grrl movement. A rare treat, and a famously exciting live
show. Les Baton Rouge are part of our /Portuguese music showcase and
will show new audiences another side of the Spanish music scene.

Scarlet and the Spooky Spiders – Italy

Italian horror punk darlings, these guys become a favorite party band at
every party they play. We cant wait to make Drop Dead part of this

Phantom Vision – Portugal

One of the top deathrock/gothic bands in Portugal, Phantom Vision will be
a treat for the fans of a more gothic approach to deathrock. Phantom
Vision are part of our Portuguese music showcase and will show new
audiences another side of the Spanish music scene.

Grabba Grabba Tape – Spain

Daft Punk meets Polysics with this crazy synth,drum and vocoder band
from Spain. We are looking forward to these guys performing live with
cool synths, Crazy costumes and A frantic live show. Grabba Grabba Tape
are part of our Spanish music showcase and will show new audiences
another side of the Spanish music scene.

Los Carniceros Del Norte – Spain

This amazing Deathrock band return to Drop Dead, fresh from the
graveyard with plenty of ghoulish tunes! One of the best if not the best
current deathrock band Live. Los Carniceros Del Norte are part of our
Spanish music showcase and will show new audiences another side of the
Spanish music scene.

13th Moon – Japan Exclusive

Top Japanese Deathrock band, these guys come for the first time to
Europe for an exclusive appearance at the Drop Dead Festival. A classic
mixture of punk and goth, this group will please any fan of old school

Birth – USA, CA Exclusive

One of the most talked about new synthpunk bands, Birth is heading for
the first time ever to Europe for an exclusive show at the Drop Dead
Festival. Having trashed venues in Los Angeles with such luminaries as
Nervous Gender and Abe Vigoda, this one-man wrecking crew is finally
setting his sights outside the US. Featuring a member of a classic
deathrock band Radio Scarlet.

Din Glorious – USA, NYC Exclusive

A Drop Dead tradition, these guys are completely insane! Get ready for
a wild live show full of strange sounds, outfits and behavior. Not for the
weak of heart! A combination of goofball electro and improvised
experimentalism, these costumed drunks are ready to once more
disgrace the stage and make an awful mess.

Mr Manic – USA, NJ Exclusive

This New Jersey king of space disco and electro-crunk is hitting the stages
of Europe for the first time, so grab your ray gun and get ready to
groooooove! This will be Mr. Manic’s first appearance outside of the

Capitao Fantasma – Portugal

One of the top psychobilly bands in Portugal, Capitao Fantasma combine
garage, psychobilly and punk in their foot-stomping, crazy infectious
shows. Capitao Fantasma are part of our Portuguese music showcase and
will show new audiences another side of the Spanish music scene.


Melodic new wave and rockabilly-influenced garage from France. One of
our favorite new bands, and sure to be one of yours! Don’t miss their first
ever performance in Portugal at the Drop Dead Festival!

Eyaculation Post Mortem – Spain

Eyaculation Post Mortem were a real hit at the festival last year. Clad in
bloody bandages, these surf-psychos return to Drop Dead for more
ghoulish mayhem! Eyaculation Post Mortem are part of our Spanish music
showcase and will show new audiences another side of the Spanish music

Namosh – Germany

Sexy and smooth, this suave Berliner whips electronics and funk-inspired
vocals into art-dance tunes that will leave your brain sweating. Fans of
Fad Gadget will love this.<

Schwefelgelb – Germany

Early NDW meets modern-day electronics in a blur of bouncing energy.
This duo is already making a name for themselves in Germany; expect
an amazing show!

Schizophrenic Housewives – Spain

Early Devo and Adverts collide in the minds and mouths of this awesome
Spanish punk group. A little dose of ’78, updated for today! Schizophrenic
Housewives are part of our Spanish music showcase and will show new
audiences another side of the Spanish music scene.

Zombie Zex – Sweden

This brand new band from Sweden brings the punk back into deathrock
with fresh new energy.

Squishy Squid – Austria

Want some hot new wave punk from Austria? Squishy Squid are here to
please, with songs about coffee and cows for your dance delight.
Featuring members of Vienna’s favorite deathrock band Strange Dolls

Lineas Albies – Spain

Art rockers from Spain bring together male and female vocals and
post-punk/No Wave instrumentals in a collage of crazy sounds. Lineas
Albies are part of our Spanish music showcase and will show new
audiences another side of the Spanish music scene.

Further info with pics here

Comfirmed Bands as of the 11th July, 2008

Note; there will be further acts booked over the next couple of months,
we will try and keep you updated.

Other info
Flights from the UK
We know Easyjet fly from Luton to
Lisbon twice a day, other provincial airports will also fly there.
Although UK Decay are playing on Saturday the 11th, it can
be a lot cheaper flying in the mid week period. Hotels and Hostels are
reasonably priced, we shall try and bring you more info in due course.
The festival runs from Weds 8th till Sunday 12th, starting with a Beach
Party on the wednesday, the weather in Lisbon at that time of year is
said to be like early september in the UK and that can be nice!
So why not book yourself a late break and come and enjoy the party?!!

😈 😈

UK Decay Communities R III

Band’s, Artist’s and DJ’s

Event Line Up

This year the event venue relocates to the University of Bedfordshire
Student Union Sub Club and Long Bar. This is a 350 plus capacity venue,
which makes it larger than last year’s event. The Sub Club has regular
gigs throughout the week including Club NME that regularly stage bands
featured by the New Music Express. It hosted the Luton Live Aid and
Sub Club based promoters DTA, regularly pack the place out with the
latest generation of bands and their fans.

Live entertainment will be in two areas, The Sub Club and The Long Bar.
The 7 or 8 bands will performing in the two areas, a full program will be
available on the website nearer the time.


UK Decay Communities are proud to present

Appearing Live!
For only the second time in 25 years The return off..

UK Decay

Having made their triumphant return after 25 years albeit for only one
song played twice at last years Reunion II, UK Decay are set to make
their proper comeback at the forthcoming UK Decay Communities
Reunion III event on June 7th 2008.
It’s quite fitting that UK Decay should return to their hometown for an
event that promises to be an even bigger and better party than that of
last years Reunion II..

According to Steve Spon,

“We are aiming to play significantly more than we did at last years bash.
Provided rehearsals and everything else goes to plan and we can get our
heads around the old songs, I don’t see why we can’t put together a
decent 30 or 40 minute set this time”

The Line up of the band for the evening will include Abbo on vocals,
Steve Spon on guitar, Ed ‘Twiggy’ Branch on bass and replacing the late
great Steve Harle on drums ex Party Girls, Bright Four and Jesus Christ
Supercharger drummer, will be Ray Philpot.
Ex bassist Martin Segovia Smith may also make a guest appearance.

UK Decay Communities are proud that we can now realise one of the
original aims of the formation of the web resource. Not only to bring
forth UK Decay back to the light of the world stage with the re-release
of the back catalogue, but also Live to a new generational audience,
as well as to those that were there back in the day.

UK Decay Communities website contains much information about the
band, thousands of pages and pictures not only of UK Decay but of a
whole generation of bands and the scene that existed in Luton and the
surrounding Home Counties during the eighties.

UK Decay were an important band in the developing Post Punk – Goth
movement, don’t just take our word for it, this is what others have to say!

UK Decay are one of the original bands to cross over from punk to what
was then becoming called “gothic”, in the early ’79 London scene, before
the gothic and even post punk bands like Bauhaus, Theatre of Hate, the
Southern Death Cult, and more. In fact they were already established
when many of those bands were not, and helped get many of them on
their feet with gigs.

Around the same time as Bauhaus were emerging, UK Decay were
discarding their punk roots and developing their own independent “gothic”
sound. Although never as popular as Bauhaus, Joy Division or the
Banshees, UK Decay were far closer to the second wave of Goth bands
and were an important influence on them.
(History of Gothic Culture and the Goth Scene)

UK Decay came straight outta Luton and began messing about with staid
punk rock traditionalism almost immediately. Serving up brash, trouncing
sides heaped up with helpings of brooding sex and sullen menace,
massive sales in the underground and a seminal legacy should have been
(Stylus Magazine)

UK Decay were arguably a major influence on an emerging wave of bands
such as the Sisters of Mercy, Sex Gang Children and Southern Death Cult.
These bands together spawned the emerging postpunk and Goth movements
that still resonate today. UK Decay had a major role in developing these scenes,
but had ceased to exist by the time these other bands started getting serious
press coverage and sales.

In an interview with Steve Keaton from Sounds in February 1981, Abbo
from UK Decay inadvertently named the Goth movement:

“he said ‘it’s
gonna be a movement’ and we’re going nah, we’ll be gone in six months.
He said you’ve got to get a name for it, it’s not dance or alternative or
New Pop or mod… and I remember saying ‘we’re into the whole Gothic
thing’… and we sat there laughing about how we should have gargoyle
shaped records and only play churches. Course he put it all in the
interview.. for six months everything went quiet then when the album
came out everyone was asking ‘what’s this Gothic thing you’re into?’
And it’s a total joke!”

Two months later, in an interview with the US magazine “Flipside”, he
used “gothic” again to describe their style:

Flipside: Is your music political?
Abbo: Uh, well yeah some of it, the early stuff is real political, “For My
Country” was sort of an anti-nationalist thing, pacifist. Our lyrics are now
sort of based on sex and death, mystical, gothic is how we describe it in
England, the new single is about violation of privacy, unexpected guest in
the house, surreal…
(Origins of the term Goth at Scathe Demon)

Appearing Live!
In Luton, at UK DK COM III, the legendary…..

Rubella Ballet

Day-Glo-Anarcho-Psychedelic Punksters, Rubella Ballet to join party!

“These young dayglo warriors would became the main nucleus and
mainstay behind the biggest explosion of colour to hit the late 70’s/early
80’s bleakness of the UK punk scene. Rubella Ballet created that rare
bright hue of primary dischord amongst the hordes of combat black.”[/i]

Rubella Ballet began in early1979 after Zillah & Sid recruited ex Fatal
Microbes Pete Fender & Gemma. Hailing from the Crass, Poison Girls,
Flux of Pink Indian’s Anarcho Punk stable, they soon found themselves
playing on the same bill as those bands and then later under their own
right. They toured the UK and parts of Europe over the next couple of
years. In true DIY style, their first recording; Ballet Bag , was a nine track
cassette in a bag with a badge, poster & lyric book. It was released in
1982 reaching number 9 in the UK independent LP charts. Later that year
their first vinyl single, Ballet Dance, went on to reach number 1 in the
independent single charts and led on to a session on the legendary John
Peel show, the first of two sessions by Rubella Ballet.

In 1983/4, they toured with Death Cult and were riding high again in the
independent charts with ‘42f’ a 3 track EP, released on Jungle Records.
Although the bands line up fluctuated from time to time, the core of Zillah
& Sid (vocals and drums) kept the band together. This they did throughout
the mid eighties releasing further singles and 3 studio albums and a
double live album.
In the 90’s Zillah & Sid collaborated with various members of the dance
collective, Spiral Tribe, to create Xenophobia, an act they would showcase
at various illegal raves.
As Xenophobia, they released a techno dance track for the compilation
‘Beyond the Threshold‘ and subsequent singles appeared under that title.

Into the 2000’s, Zillah & Sid’s Rubella Ballet returned to their punk roots
and headlined The Anti Society festival 2000 in the Czech Republic and
Across the Decades 2 day punk festival at The Sanctuary in Milton Keynes
in 2000. This big event featured bands like The Damned, Stiff Little
Fingers, Selector, Steve Ignorant and the Subhumans etc.

October 2007 Zillah released a film about Punk Rock women entitled,
‘She’s a Punk Rocker UK’. (see below) An hour long documentary
including interviews with Poly Styrene, Eve Libertine, Julie Burchill, Gay
Advert, Vi-Subversa and many more.
Rubella Ballet are currently riding a wave that will see them headlining
the Gothic Pogo Festival in Leipzig Germany in May and the Drop Dead
Festival, Lisbon Portugal in October. The band are now appealing to a
new, young generation who want some of that
Day-Glo-Anarcho-Psychedelic Punksters, DIY ethos!

The band have become infamous for their different and innovative style
of music and the shock value of wearing ultraviolet day-glo clothes to
brighten up London’s east end, dark, violent, poor, ghettoized, drug
dealing, working class shithole that they lived in into a different land as
everywhere they went people smiled and laughed instead of wanting to
kill them.


We are honoured and proud to present to the party….Rubella Ballet!
Rubella Ballet official site…

Rubella Ballet at Myspace
…You can hear some of their music there

Milton Keynes very own oldschool, hardcore punx…
Dun 2 Def

Hailing from Milton Keynes in 1996 after being known as “77” they
changed the name to Dun2def in 2001. There has been a few
line up changes and the addition of a second vocalist and some changes in
the sound dun2def is now more rampant than ever before. The line up
includes, FERRET/vocals MAD JON/vocals FLOYD/drums RALPH/bass and

The band have played with many old skool bands such as:
the Varukers, U.K subs, Meteors, the Vibrators, T.V smith, G.B.H, Angelic
Upstarts, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Subhumans, Slaughter and the
Dogs, Demob, Foriegn Legion, Ed Tudor Pole. Described as Old School
Punk, Dun 2 Def have made a couple of albums and are fast becoming a
force to be reckoned with, in the resurgent UK Punk scene.
Expect a mosh pit, this band will give the UK Subs, Crass and The
Damned a good run for their money!

Ferret and Floyd are well known ‘Faces’ from back in the day, indeed
photos of them can be found our UK Decay Communities ‘Faces Gallery‘.

See you in the mosh pit!

Dun 2 Def at Myspace

For the 3rd time at UK Decay Community Reunion events,
we are proud to present, Leicestershire’s finest, Blink’s..

Los Cyclones

Main man Blink is a regular at our events, known to many around the
Luton area during the Eighties, he is now living in the town of his birth,

For the Blink’s Los Cyclones, UK Decay Com Reunion events have
become a regular pilgrimage and they never fail to liven up the party with
their firebrand sound, “storming garage punk and raw soul with a dark
twist” We look forward to them appearing again at this years event.

(taken from the bands myspace profile)

Los Cyclones at Myspace

The finest of Luton today, in the UK!

For the second year running, the return of those Punky Luton darlings…
The Adenoids

Anyone who was at last years party, couldn’t failed to have missed or
have been impressed by Luton’s very own The Adenoids.
The colourful youngsters have a reputation for keeping things short and
sweet often firing off 18 songs in 17 minutes! Very reminiscent of the
early Punk ethos, they are a very big fun band with often poignant
message. They have more than earned their right to return this year and
they promise an even more zany show than last year!

(taken from the bands myspace profile)
Adenoid (ad-e-noid, noun):
A part of your nose which swells up when you drink or smoke too much
and makes you sing like a twat. The Adenoids were formed in 2005 in
Luton and have yet to be removed.

The Adenoids are:
Rebecca the Wrecker (vocals) who wants to be a punk when she grows up.
Stevel Knievel (bass) who likes toast!
The Smoking Katiepillar (drums/vocals) and shouts a couple of her own
Trixylicks homicidal muisli puffs alphabet krinkle scrotum smack head
cum and violence with cartoon porn creatures Adenoid (guitar) is very
silly and he is the original MATTALAN!

The Adenoids at Myspace

Making their debut to UK DK Com R3…Luton’s most unreputable but loveable..

Rogue one way or another have been around since early 2002, after a
few line up changes, last year Matt Ellis took up the reigns and announced
“We’re the worst band you will ever hear”.
Matt then recruited new drummer Kenny and with the addition of Rosie
on vocals, Boulder on guitar and Chris on Bass they now comprise a
colourful if improbable collection of individuals.

The new line up has a harder Punk-ier Metal edge and their gigs have in
the true spirit of Punk, become notorious in the Luton area. They have
just released a 4 track EP which should be available on the night.

Recently they supported Neville Staple’s Specials at the Hat factory in a
storming performance. We shall look forward to their colourful
shenanigans at this year’s event.

Rougue at Myspace

Presenting Luton’s very own Techno-Punk, Asbo kids…..

This is one act from Luton that we at UK Decay Communities can’t
wait to present to the party!

Straight-talking electro punks SWANK (Special Weapons And Nice
have been described as “Awful in all the right places”,
“Somewhere between a drunken blow-job off Gary Newman and
electro-shock therapy” and are undeniably one of the most gritty acts
from the Luton punk scene around today.

With classic song titles like Asbo Kids, Fly Tipping and Sex Zombies to
chew over, we can’t wait to see your faces!

SWANK at Myspace


From the Legendary Swich Club, we proudly present..
Nick Switch
Nick ‘Switch’ Zinninos
Nick Switch was the co founder and partner DJ, with Bernie James of the
legendary Switch Club, which began in January 1985. The Switch Club is
permanently etched into a generation of Lutonian Post Punk’s memories,
many relationships and friendships were forged in the ten years or so
that the Switch ran.
The Switch started in the Elephant and Tassel and throughout its history
migrated to many other venues in town, eventually spreading it’s wings
and playing in Oxford, Cambridge and Northampton. Folks would dance
away the night to Marc Almond’s Tainted Love, Spear of Destiny’s
Liberator, Baby Turns Blue by the Virgin Prunes, the Sisters of Mercy’s
Alice, Dark Entries by Bauhaus and The Cult’s She Sells Sanctuary and
many more classics from the first generation of Gothdom.

The Switch Club, in retrospect played an important early role in
consolidating the entrepreneurial Goth Club with sustainability, post Bat
Nick will be making a welcome return to our UK DK COM Reunion event
and spinning some of his classic poppadoms, so get your giro’s and
crimpers out!

(tune-list thanks to Neil Orr’s fantastic ‘History is made at night: The politics of dancing and musicking’ weblog)

From The Coven Club and Thursday Fury we proudly present..

Nephilimbabe is a dedicated DJ and promoter for the Luton alternative
scene who has run Luton’s only gothic night The Coven since its opening
in July 2002. He also runs and DJ’s for Thursday Fury (new-wave & post
punk night) having been a part of the goth scene since the early 80’s

History:- The Coven started back in July 2002 at it’s first
venue Flame. Having firmly established itself as one of the driving forces
of the gothic club scene, plugging the gap between London and
Northampton, we moved locations to our current venue in January 2006
to The Hat Factory.

He has also played at London’s Electric Ballroom and at top Deathrock
club Dead & Buried. Specialises in gothic, industrial, punk and 80s, but
whose tastes excel the norms!

Nephilmbabe will be making a welcome return to this years party

The Coven at Myspace
Thursday Fury at Myspace

From The Attic Club and Club Ska we proudly present..
Andy Attic

Andy Attic
Andy Attic returns to this years event after smashing up the punky
turntables at last years bash.
Owner of Vinyl Revelations, Luton’s only remaining independent record
shop. He started putting on gigs as Revelations at the end of the eighties.
Formed and ran the Attic Club in 1995 first at the 33 Arts Centre and
various other locations around theLuton area. Recently he DJ’ed the Paul
Fox – Ruts last show tribute night with Henry Rollins on vocals alongside
UK Sub’s, The Damned etc. . Currently Andy is the main resident at north
London’s Club Ska also running a new monthly Ska- Punk club at Luton’s
Charlie Brown’s and up and coming presentations include The Beat,
Symarip, Neville Staple’s Specials and more

Vinyl Revelations
Club Ska website


please check back later.

🙄 🙄


Further Info at