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UK Decay: Recent live gigs, reports, videos, pics..
Below is chronological index of the recent UK Decay performances
(latest at the top) Also included at the bottom is the UK Decay Community
Class Reunion events.
Included are cross links to the important and relevant forum and picture
gallery articles for each of the shows…
One place to find all the latest pictures and reports!


UK Decay at Rebellion 2009. Blackpool Winter Gardens. Sunday August 9th, 2009
UK Decay @ Rebellion 2009 pics and reports
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay debut at the UK’s and probably the Worlds largest Punk Music
Publicity, Reports & Reviews
UK Decay @ Rebellion 2009 Picture Gallery

UK Decay @ Rebellion 2009 Picture Gallery

UK Decay live at Wave Gotik Treffen Festival 2009, Leipzig Germany, Monday June 1st 2009
DK @ Wave Gotik Treffen Festival. Pictures and Feedback
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay’s first Show in Germany for 26 years and their debut at the
world famous WGT festival in Leipzig
Publicity, Reports & Reviews
Wave Gotik Treffen 2009 Picture Gallery

Wave Gotik Treffen 2009 Picture Gallery

UK Decay spring 2009 Italian tour (Milan 30th April, Bologna 1st May & Rome 2nd May)
UK Decay to play Italy
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay’s first time ever in Italy
Publicity, Reports & Reviews
Italy Spring Tour 2009 Picture Gallery

Italy Spring Tour 2009 Picture Gallery


UK Decay live at Drop Dead Festival VI, Lisbon. Portugal. Sunday October 12th 2008

“UK Decay @ Drop Dead Festival VI, Lisbon. Review, pics, Video, etc.”
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay’s first show outside the UK for 26 years and their first show
ever in Portugal
Publicity Report and Reviews
Drop Dead VI Oct 2008 Picture Gallery

Drop Dead VI Oct 2008 Picture Gallery

DDF Live Ukdk video stills and Spon’s Perspective

Spon’s Perspective Review


The Class-Reunion party’s were hosted by the UK Decay Community
website. To date there have been 3 events:- UK Decay performed
one song For My Country, at the second reunion in 2007 and went on to
play a thirty minute set at the third reunion in June 2008.

Class of 1979 – 1989 Reunion III, Sub Club June 7th 2008
author: W.W. EVENTS forum
UK Decay with Abbo, Spon, Ed Branch and Ray Phillpott, played their
first proper show in 26 years
Publicity and report I
Reviews and Report II
UK Decay Class Reunion 3 – Reviews, video & pics.
author: Coven. NEWS forum
Report III

Click here to visit gallery

Reunion III
Saturday 7th June 2008
UBSU Sub Club
Luton, UK
picture gallery here


Class of 1979 – 1989 Reunion II ::January 27th, 2007
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay with Abbo, Spon, Martyn Smith and Ray Philpott, performed
one song at this event.
Report & review

Class of 1979-1980 Reunion II

Saturday 27th January 2007
At the Hat Factory, Luton, Uk
Reunion II picture gallery here


Class of 1978-1988 Reunion I : December 22nd 2005
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay did not perform at this show!

Class of 1979-1980 Reunion I

Thursday 22nd December 2005
At the Cork and Bull, Luton, UK
Reunion I picture Gallery here

A staggering amount of videos of recent shows can be found here


Gothic Nightmares at the Tate!!

“Gothic Nightmares ” explores the work of Henry Fuseli (1741–1825) and
William Blake (1757–1827) in the context of the Gothic – the taste for
fantastic and supernatural themes which dominated British culture from
around 1770 to 1830.

We embarked on a field trip to the
‘Gloomth’ of Tate Britain’s ‘Gothic
exhibition earlier in the week. A feast for the eyes for those
who are interested in the ‘Gothic and the Sublime’ art culture and history.
The exhibition runs until the 1st May 2006 and it will set you back about
£7.00 to gain entry.

After initial disappointment that the works of Hieronymus Bosch and the
later works of Jan Toorop would not be featured (The emphasis (brief) of
this exhibition is actually from a world perspective about a time in British
Art History covering the years 1770 to 1830. So you wont find these or
the likes of Edgar Allen Poe or H.P.Lovecraft etc).

We were rewarded however on entering the exhibition by the sight of
Henry Fuseli’s famous The Nightmare. The image has been repeatedly
used in such classics as Jame’s Whales Frankenstein, Ken Russell’s
Gothic, Nosferatu and Buffy the Vampire Slayer etc
And there it was, history on the wall in front of us, we stood transfixed
as we pondered Mr. Fusili’s nightmare.

Note the lady lying on the bed on the Franky ad!

The next few hours were spent wondering through multimillions worth
of ‘Gothic and Sublime’ artwork real-estate, absorbing as much detail as
possible. In a trance like state we went from room to room sometimes
almost gasping at the scale and sheer size of some of the exhibits such
as Fusili’s Titania and Bottom

William Blakes Death on a Pale Horse was also in attendance along with
scores of his other works, that guy had one hell of a warped imagination!

The artist James Gillray, whose satirical caricatures lampooned the
politics of the era caught my eye with an aura of unnerving familiarity
as we made our way to the ‘Phantasmagoria’ (a room with 3 walls and
projected images) that reminded me of the old ghost trains at the

All through the exhibitions there were references to classical literature
such as ‘The Book of Revelations’, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Milton’s
Paradise Lost, Greek and Biblical mythology etc, it showed how these
great artist’s drew their warped inspirations for their artwork from
classical texts and myths.

It then goes on to highlight the inspiration that some of these great
artworks and artists had on contemporary to the time and later writers
and artists, such as Mary Shelley, Matthew ‘Monk’ Lewis, Angela Carter,
Patrick McGrath etc

Lacking was any reference to Gothic music (I guess I would say that
wouldn’t I!) not that matters really but if Artist’s can influence writers
and vice versa , what about musicians?
Mind you this was the Tate Gallery! I wondered though if there were
any musical compositions created that were inspired by say Fuseli’s
Nightmare within (or without!) that period.
So on the whole Gothic Nightmares is a very inspiring and thought
provoking event, a must for those into Gothic and Sublime culture
and history.

Photo taking in the exhibition is not allowed so be warned! We took
our camera and got some nice ‘Neo-Gothic’ shots of the MI5 building

Finally after being ‘thrown out’ (at closing time of course!) we made our
way along Millbank towards Pimlico and the thronging rush hour hourdes!

Pics by Werewolf, Ella Jo
The Gothic Nightmares home page
More from the UK Decay Gothic Forum

This was Ella Jo’s treat by the way! Thanks a million!