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UK Decay are to return to Lisbon for Portugal’s largest festival of Gothic Rock,
Deathrock, Electro-Punk, Post-Punk, Industrial, Synth and Batcave bands
since, the Drop Dead Festival back in 2008.

The three day festival runs on Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August,
UK Decay are headlining on Sunday 28th. In the UK, this is the traditional
August Bank Holiday weekend.

Organized by the highly successful Pray Silence Productions, Pray Silence Festival
celebrates dark, alternative music and alternative lifestyles in general.
The line-up will include some of the best Gothic Rock, Deathrock, Electro-Punk,
Post-Punk, Industrial, Synth and Batcave bands in the planet.

Worldwide renowned DJs will allow continuous celebration with special parties
until dawn, including a fetish party with fantastic performers from all over the world…>>more>>

REBELLION 2010 Singles Merch

Just a few days to go before Rebellion 2010! UK Decay
are onstage at 10pm on the Bizarre Bizarre stage with Pete

There will be a small quantity of new un-played Unexpected
Guest/Dresden 7″ vinyl available and also a limited amount
of the Black 45, ep available for sale. The band shall also be
bringing the For Madmen Only CD to the party.

There will also be a limited quantity of T shirts and Vests
available, although you will have to get to the stand early
if you would like to secure one.
We are hoping to open the stall from about 7pm onwards on
Saturday evening (Saturday only I am afraid)

Fingers crossed there may very well be something new from
the band on Saturday, I guess we shall just have to wait and

See you all there!!

UK Decay special guest’s of Pete Murphy on BIZARRE BAZAAR at Rebellion Festival, Saturday August 7th 2010UK Decay at Rebellion 2010 poster

UK Decay are booked for the BIZARRE BAZAAR stage at the Blackpool punk festival,

as special guest’s of ex-Bauhaus, Pete Murphy and DJ Ro Ashika.

The band will take the stage this year at a later time

on Saturday evening, appearing immediately before Pete Murphy.

(around 9.30-10.00pm)

DJ Ro Ashika is set to host an evening with a difference in the B.B. arena,

kicking off at 8pm with Renagade Burlesque followed by Razorblade kisses.

The scene is then set for UK DK to take to the stage.

Tickets available from

UK Decay Forum Post


Album available as download here

In September 2009 a casual conversation led to a bold attempt to bring
together some of the biggest names from the goth and dark alternative scenes to raise funds for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation

Sophie Lancaster was kicked to death in August 2007 simply because she looked different.
Since her tragic death the Foundation has worked hard to bring about change, through workshops in schools and a campaign for an amendment to the UK Hate Crime laws.

“Hope” has been put together with the sole intention of raising the
maximum amount of money possible, with 100% of the price paid going directly to the charity.

The CD features unreleased material and tracks written especially for the foundation.
Every track has been kindly donated free of charge by the artist and it has been released in conjunction with World Goth Day (May 22nd 2010)


Joolz – The Prophet of Calgary
Andi Sex Gang – Salamun Child
Autumn Cannibals – Monument to Shame *
Gene Loves Jezebel – Who Wants To Go To Heaven?
The Eden House – All My Love
Collide – Euphoria
Alien Sex Fiend – Gotta Have It (Sliced and Diced mix)
Andi Sex Gang & Marc Almond – The Hungry Years
UK Decay – Battle of the Elements (club mix) **
The Last Dance – Cages
Anne Marie Hurst – I Have Changed **
New Model Army – Dawn
The Mission – She’s Gone Away **
Uninvited Guest – Death of an Angel *
Faith and the Muse – To Be Continued

* = Tracks written especially for the campaign
** = Previously unreleased (at the time of this release)

Sophie Lancaster Foundation

Reviews and pictures of UK Decay in Germany April 2010

Visit Germany 2010 Gallery

A review about our gig in Hamburg is online now: (In German of course!)
And you’ll find some pictures in our gallery, too:

Another review in english..


A few pics are included in a Romanian online art gallery…

Cyberpagan’s collection

You can find our collection in a new gallery….


Online magazine (Flash)

Great review of UK Decay gig in Berlin by Mark Splatter (in English)

or PDF version here

A big thanks to everyone who has submitted pics so far…

If you would like to submit any pics of our German tour then
please send them to
ukdkcom AT



UK Decay: Recent live gigs, reports, videos, pics..
Below is chronological index of the recent UK Decay performances
(latest at the top) Also included at the bottom is the UK Decay Community
Class Reunion events.
Included are cross links to the important and relevant forum and picture
gallery articles for each of the shows…
One place to find all the latest pictures and reports!


UK Decay at Rebellion 2009. Blackpool Winter Gardens. Sunday August 9th, 2009
UK Decay @ Rebellion 2009 pics and reports
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay debut at the UK’s and probably the Worlds largest Punk Music
Publicity, Reports & Reviews
UK Decay @ Rebellion 2009 Picture Gallery

UK Decay @ Rebellion 2009 Picture Gallery

UK Decay live at Wave Gotik Treffen Festival 2009, Leipzig Germany, Monday June 1st 2009
DK @ Wave Gotik Treffen Festival. Pictures and Feedback
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay’s first Show in Germany for 26 years and their debut at the
world famous WGT festival in Leipzig
Publicity, Reports & Reviews
Wave Gotik Treffen 2009 Picture Gallery

Wave Gotik Treffen 2009 Picture Gallery

UK Decay spring 2009 Italian tour (Milan 30th April, Bologna 1st May & Rome 2nd May)
UK Decay to play Italy
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay’s first time ever in Italy
Publicity, Reports & Reviews
Italy Spring Tour 2009 Picture Gallery

Italy Spring Tour 2009 Picture Gallery


UK Decay live at Drop Dead Festival VI, Lisbon. Portugal. Sunday October 12th 2008

“UK Decay @ Drop Dead Festival VI, Lisbon. Review, pics, Video, etc.”
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay’s first show outside the UK for 26 years and their first show
ever in Portugal
Publicity Report and Reviews
Drop Dead VI Oct 2008 Picture Gallery

Drop Dead VI Oct 2008 Picture Gallery

DDF Live Ukdk video stills and Spon’s Perspective

Spon’s Perspective Review


The Class-Reunion party’s were hosted by the UK Decay Community
website. To date there have been 3 events:- UK Decay performed
one song For My Country, at the second reunion in 2007 and went on to
play a thirty minute set at the third reunion in June 2008.

Class of 1979 – 1989 Reunion III, Sub Club June 7th 2008
author: W.W. EVENTS forum
UK Decay with Abbo, Spon, Ed Branch and Ray Phillpott, played their
first proper show in 26 years
Publicity and report I
Reviews and Report II
UK Decay Class Reunion 3 – Reviews, video & pics.
author: Coven. NEWS forum
Report III

Click here to visit gallery

Reunion III
Saturday 7th June 2008
UBSU Sub Club
Luton, UK
picture gallery here


Class of 1979 – 1989 Reunion II ::January 27th, 2007
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay with Abbo, Spon, Martyn Smith and Ray Philpott, performed
one song at this event.
Report & review

Class of 1979-1980 Reunion II

Saturday 27th January 2007
At the Hat Factory, Luton, Uk
Reunion II picture gallery here


Class of 1978-1988 Reunion I : December 22nd 2005
Main Topic. author: W.W. NEWS forum
UK Decay did not perform at this show!

Class of 1979-1980 Reunion I

Thursday 22nd December 2005
At the Cork and Bull, Luton, UK
Reunion I picture Gallery here

A staggering amount of videos of recent shows can be found here


UK Decay to headline the Drop Dead Festival !

UK Decay will be headlining this year’s Drop Dead Festival
on Saturday October 11, 2008 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Following on from the success of UKDK3 the band is now rehearsing a
longer set that will encompass more of its back catalogue and new material.

‘We’re hoping that people will be able to get over to see us – especially
as we’ve a surprise planned – if we can pull it off,’ said a cryptic Steve
Spon. ‘It was great to see so many old faces enjoying themselves at the
SubClub show, and if you can get over to Lisbon then we can promise an
even better time.’

The Drop Dead Festival will feature over 50 bands and DJs and will be
held over five days from 8 October 2008 to 12 October 2008.
night kicks off with a massive beach party and the actual festival is held
is held at various venues around the city’s historic centre.
Tickets cost 65 Euros for the entire five days, which translates to around
£50. The event is in its sixth year and describes itself as Europe’s biggest
gothic festival, attracting thousands of fans from across the world.

‘We’re going to be there for the whole weekend as we’ve also been asked
to do a Q&A session,’ said Spon. ‘It’ll be like Question Time, except with

Further details about the festival can be found at
Tickets at 65 EU (about £50.00) can be purchased here

Bands so far comfirmed

UK Decay – UK, London Exclusive

The men who started it all! This legendary band is responsible for creating
what became Gothic Punk (and the inspiration for the NY Decay name!)
and now they’re bringing their testament to Drop Dead IV. Not to be
missed exclusive reunion show with original members!

Theatre of Hate

Cinema Strange

Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons
– Sweden Exclusive

Fans of art music, rejoice! This legendary experimental synthesizer art
punk band from Sweden are doing an exclusive reunion for the Drop
Dead Festival. Featuring all-original members! A dream come true for any
one who knows their music!

Charles De Goal – France

Leading cold wave band from France Charles De Goal have been making
great guitar driven wave for almost 20 years. A huge hit at Drop Dead
Festival 5, they were instantly invited to come back this year!

Madre del Vizio -Germany /Showcase

Classic German gothic band with really large following in Spain , Italy and
Portugal. much antisapaited by fans of a more gothic sound, Madre del
Visio will be bringing a more dark feeling to the Drop Dead Festival. This
will be an exclusive showcase for the Madre del Vizio.

Die Perlen – Germany

A fresh face in the electronic scene, these guys combine the quirkiness of
NDW with sometimes minimal electronics, infectious female vocals and
strong dance floor appeal for deathrockers, punks and electro heads
alike. Sure to get the dance floor in a frenzy!

Sixteens – USA, CA

Back again by popular demand, this Death Disco duo bring the Gold wave
hard, making menacing beats for glitter trash monsters.

Les Baton Rouge – Portugal

This legendary Portuguese band hit Drop Dead with an explosive mix of
energetic and passionate music influenced by ’77 punk, 80’s New Wave
and the Riot Grrl movement. A rare treat, and a famously exciting live
show. Les Baton Rouge are part of our /Portuguese music showcase and
will show new audiences another side of the Spanish music scene.

Scarlet and the Spooky Spiders – Italy

Italian horror punk darlings, these guys become a favorite party band at
every party they play. We cant wait to make Drop Dead part of this

Phantom Vision – Portugal

One of the top deathrock/gothic bands in Portugal, Phantom Vision will be
a treat for the fans of a more gothic approach to deathrock. Phantom
Vision are part of our Portuguese music showcase and will show new
audiences another side of the Spanish music scene.

Grabba Grabba Tape – Spain

Daft Punk meets Polysics with this crazy synth,drum and vocoder band
from Spain. We are looking forward to these guys performing live with
cool synths, Crazy costumes and A frantic live show. Grabba Grabba Tape
are part of our Spanish music showcase and will show new audiences
another side of the Spanish music scene.

Los Carniceros Del Norte – Spain

This amazing Deathrock band return to Drop Dead, fresh from the
graveyard with plenty of ghoulish tunes! One of the best if not the best
current deathrock band Live. Los Carniceros Del Norte are part of our
Spanish music showcase and will show new audiences another side of the
Spanish music scene.

13th Moon – Japan Exclusive

Top Japanese Deathrock band, these guys come for the first time to
Europe for an exclusive appearance at the Drop Dead Festival. A classic
mixture of punk and goth, this group will please any fan of old school

Birth – USA, CA Exclusive

One of the most talked about new synthpunk bands, Birth is heading for
the first time ever to Europe for an exclusive show at the Drop Dead
Festival. Having trashed venues in Los Angeles with such luminaries as
Nervous Gender and Abe Vigoda, this one-man wrecking crew is finally
setting his sights outside the US. Featuring a member of a classic
deathrock band Radio Scarlet.

Din Glorious – USA, NYC Exclusive

A Drop Dead tradition, these guys are completely insane! Get ready for
a wild live show full of strange sounds, outfits and behavior. Not for the
weak of heart! A combination of goofball electro and improvised
experimentalism, these costumed drunks are ready to once more
disgrace the stage and make an awful mess.

Mr Manic – USA, NJ Exclusive

This New Jersey king of space disco and electro-crunk is hitting the stages
of Europe for the first time, so grab your ray gun and get ready to
groooooove! This will be Mr. Manic’s first appearance outside of the

Capitao Fantasma – Portugal

One of the top psychobilly bands in Portugal, Capitao Fantasma combine
garage, psychobilly and punk in their foot-stomping, crazy infectious
shows. Capitao Fantasma are part of our Portuguese music showcase and
will show new audiences another side of the Spanish music scene.


Melodic new wave and rockabilly-influenced garage from France. One of
our favorite new bands, and sure to be one of yours! Don’t miss their first
ever performance in Portugal at the Drop Dead Festival!

Eyaculation Post Mortem – Spain

Eyaculation Post Mortem were a real hit at the festival last year. Clad in
bloody bandages, these surf-psychos return to Drop Dead for more
ghoulish mayhem! Eyaculation Post Mortem are part of our Spanish music
showcase and will show new audiences another side of the Spanish music

Namosh – Germany

Sexy and smooth, this suave Berliner whips electronics and funk-inspired
vocals into art-dance tunes that will leave your brain sweating. Fans of
Fad Gadget will love this.<

Schwefelgelb – Germany

Early NDW meets modern-day electronics in a blur of bouncing energy.
This duo is already making a name for themselves in Germany; expect
an amazing show!

Schizophrenic Housewives – Spain

Early Devo and Adverts collide in the minds and mouths of this awesome
Spanish punk group. A little dose of ’78, updated for today! Schizophrenic
Housewives are part of our Spanish music showcase and will show new
audiences another side of the Spanish music scene.

Zombie Zex – Sweden

This brand new band from Sweden brings the punk back into deathrock
with fresh new energy.

Squishy Squid – Austria

Want some hot new wave punk from Austria? Squishy Squid are here to
please, with songs about coffee and cows for your dance delight.
Featuring members of Vienna’s favorite deathrock band Strange Dolls

Lineas Albies – Spain

Art rockers from Spain bring together male and female vocals and
post-punk/No Wave instrumentals in a collage of crazy sounds. Lineas
Albies are part of our Spanish music showcase and will show new
audiences another side of the Spanish music scene.

Further info with pics here

Comfirmed Bands as of the 11th July, 2008

Note; there will be further acts booked over the next couple of months,
we will try and keep you updated.

Other info
Flights from the UK
We know Easyjet fly from Luton to
Lisbon twice a day, other provincial airports will also fly there.
Although UK Decay are playing on Saturday the 11th, it can
be a lot cheaper flying in the mid week period. Hotels and Hostels are
reasonably priced, we shall try and bring you more info in due course.
The festival runs from Weds 8th till Sunday 12th, starting with a Beach
Party on the wednesday, the weather in Lisbon at that time of year is
said to be like early september in the UK and that can be nice!
So why not book yourself a late break and come and enjoy the party?!!

😈 😈


Further Info at